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Roles: Creative Producer, First Assistant Director, Production Coordinator
Locations: Birmingham, AL

Hello. I’ve worked in the advertising, branding and film industries producing award-winning video, web, and radio spots for over a decade.  As an in-house producer, I manage concurrent projects from concept to delivery. In a freelance role, I deliver whatever is requested. For me, the joy is in the process, piecing all the moving parts together to bring a production to life.


When I enter a working agreement with a production company or client, I tend to eat, sleep and breathe the project or brand and what’s best for it. Because I love what I do, it’s easy to blur the lines between work and fun. I’m serious about having fun and I’m fun about being serious.


I find satisfaction in making visions tangible, both through my emotional investment in my work as well as my ability to call on a network of talented, resourceful, charismatic vendors, creatives and other industry professionals that I’ve built rapport with through the years.

I’ve worked alongside Oscar and Emmy award winning and Emmy award nominated directors and produced projects for household names like IBM, Country Crock and Home Depot as well as nationally ranked health care clients such as University of Iowa Health Care, University of Connecticut, Stonybrook Medicine and more.


Tiffin Motorhomes

Stonybrook Medicine

Country Crock

University of Iowa Health Care

University of Connecticut

Home Depot


CDG Engineering



Mission of Hope


Good People Brewing

Tract Optics

Alabama Symphony Orchestra

Dyal Private Equity Firm

and more

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