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Roles: Creative Producer, Production Coordinator
Locations: New York, NY and Portland, OR

Making magic happen is my job. Need a field of sunflowers to shoot in tomorrow? I can take care of that for you. Need your seasonal collection to go live on your website moments after it steps off the runway at New York Fashion Week? No problem. That’s what being a Producer is: making the ‘impossible’ happen and making it look easy.


For 12+ years I have been making magic happen for an extensive variety of photo shoots, video shoots and at events. I’ve done all the “boring stuff” too; like developing workflows, streamlining operations, client management and business development. And I have also handled all of the budgeting, scheduling, casting, location scouting, hiring crew and leading the creative teams through a project from inception to delivery. But my real skills are: building an amazing team, showcasing your brand in a unique way and reigning in the chaos so that you don’t have to.


Ralph Lauren
Club Monaco
Hugo Boss
Nine West
& More

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