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Roles: Production Assistant, Production Coordinator
Locations: DFW Metroplex, Houston

A lot of people question me on what a Producer does, and where the value in hiring one is - and it's a hard question to answer. Because honestly, the Producer does a bit of everything.

As a Production Coordinator and as a Production Assistant, I've done the "standard," logistical work, working both in-studio and on location. I've put together decks and call sheets. I've built a repertoire with agents and clients alike, hired crew members and talent, and scouted for the perfect location. I've created the production schedule for a studio, adjusted it when necessary, and managed product flow. I've catered food, keeping track of receipts and dietary restrictions, and managed budgets.

As a Producer, I've also done a lot of behind the scenes work that isn't listed in any general job description, such as:

- Waking up early enough to cook breakfast for an entire crew to keep costs under budget.
- Walking miles in the rain to get a treat that will put a smile on the client's face.
- Breaking into rooms that get locked.
- Covering the photographer's camera with my clipboard for hours, to avoid lens flare.
- Camouflaging a truck
- Dealing with Murphy's Law

I told you - it's a lot of things. Simply, my goal is to make sure that everyone is having a good time and that their life is easier because I'm there.

I look forward to collaborating with you!


Smile Direct
Cooper Vision
Net Direct Auto
& More

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