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Roles: Photographer, Photography Assistant
Locations: Denver, CO, San Francisco, CA

Forever in search of the unique, the beautiful, the synergy of subject and light - I’ve spent 10 years now refining vision as a photographer. My early years came with the aspirations of being a landscape photographer, seeking grand vistas and the tranquility that the naturally world has to evoke. This greatly impacted my work as it’s given me motivation to always go a little farther, look a little harder for that perfect setting when working outside of the studio. The glory that be natural lighting with the powerful tools of strobe making working in the field such a rewarding experience for the endless creative possibilities that they provide. Working in the Cold Water Creek studio provided me knowledge on both catalog work and high volume production - showing clearly how incredibly efficient and productive a full creative team can be when working together. I’ve taken that experience and expanding studio lighting knowledge and brought that to my commercial photography business. My focus now is celebrity portraits, lifestyle and fashion work. My affinity for the outdoors and the inspiration those elements provide are a guiding principal in the clients I seek out. This makes for a perfect marriage of vision and content. All said I love life and I love it even more when I’m behind the camera.



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