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Our PAs are capable and ready to step in where needed, from being a runner to assisting with set construction. They are the MacGyver on set.


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I am ready to take on new and fresh opportunities for growth and wisdom bringing 8 years of experience working in 3 different countries as a fashion stylist, stylist assistant and production assistant in commercial photography, music videos and concerts. 


Always prepared to lend a helping hand!


I'm a motivated and collaborative team player with a long track record of client satisfaction. Though I'm new to this industry, I'm ready to do everything I can to make each shoot a success.

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We're always adding new talent so be sure to check back soon.


I am an aspiring “Jacq” of all trades who love to create and help bring others’ creative visions to life. I have experience in supporting production in all stages of development, from pre-production to delivery, for various forms of media - from print to digital to video!


Joaquin has grown up in the photo industry. Having been on sets since he was a child - he’s very familiar with the productions. He is always willing to listen and adapt to whatever is needed to make the job easier.


Experienced fashion stylist having worked on a wide variety of photo shoots from editorial to e-comm to advertising. Highly motivated, organized and detail oriented with a strong creative eye.

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